Sunday, December 9, 2012

Forza Horizon Beetle

My Beetle in Forza Horizon (sorry for bad quality):

...seen here just after beating a Skyline R34 in a street race. Hehe, sucker.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Need for Speed Pro Street images (PS2)

These are some old photos I taken of some cars I did in NFS Pro Street in PS2.

They were taken with a cell phone, so quality is not very good, but you can already have an idea how the car's paintjobs are:

4Shared folder


[Grip]Camaro w/Stripes:

There are 3 squares, one is the bigger one, the other are the two small stripes at the big one's side, and it is mirrored so it appears on the other side too. Because it should not appear in the roof, it is sized to be just on the hood, and then I put the same ones just at the back. Total: 6 squares.

[Grip]Camaro w/Race Paint:

Two squares that make an Off-set stripe. For the number, it's one big black circle, with a slighty smaller white one, and the number over it. There's also some aftermarket vinyls around (they are not generic, they actually are the performance parts that are in my car. TOYO tires, Brembo brakes...).

[Speed]Corvette (NFS Hot Pursuit 2-like race paint):

Though it might look like, the car is not yellow, it is black. That's why the headlights and mirrors are black. I used a yellow square, it is a little rotated and mirrored, so it seems to be a stripe that is bigger on the back. Over it, at the car's side, there are 2 black vinyls, 1 is a square and one is a circle, over them, smaller white versions, so it makes the "stripe" at the side. (You can't see by the pics, but near the front wheel, there's a small curve. That's the reason of the circles). Also, the performance parts used are marked in the car.


This is so nice and yet I though it was easy to do...

I used the same technique I used in the Camaro to do the stripes at the side.
Then I put one black square over it (the number's box seems to have a black border), a smaller white one and another black one (to make the black box with white outlines). Over it I put the number.

5zigen vinyl near the front wheel and Rogue Speed vinyl near the back wheel.

On the Rogue speed vinyl I made it mirrored but it was backwards at the other side so, while it was mirrored (to guide me), I put another one over, then "un-mirrored" the first one.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Arcade Muscle Car

I tried making a car with a very arcadeish handling. Well, I think it is. Just release the throttle to make curves (And it is just needed on the thightest curves also).

I was (and still am) planning to make a pack with cars like this, like if it was from a full game. Maybe some fast tracks too...


Generally folder on 4shared

If you have any idea or wish to see some kind of car or track send ideas in commentaries to my blog's post.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

StopMotion Street Race

Some time ago I had nothing to do and tried making a stopmotion street race with some old small toy cars.

It had get out better than I expected.

Toy cars street racing :)


GeneRally is a small (zip file about 1,7mb) freeware racing game created by Hannu and Jukka Räbinä.

It's a low-poly 3D game with top down camera wich makes the track looks like an Autorama and allows you to see the whole track.

It's simple but have good driving physics for a freeware game of it's size.

And the best of it is it's customization, you can create anything to it, from cars and tracks to sound and color palletes.

To create tracks, it's used one track editor wich came with the game on the zip file.

For cars there are lots of fan-made programs where you can make the 40-polygons car models and set their physics and performance. Though it can sound complex, it's not so much, as if you have the car idea in mind, in 3 to 4 hours you made a model from scratch and already find the physics you wanted.

Same for color pallete, and sound it's just get wav files and put in a new sound folder inside "/Sounds".

See more (for forums, use this link instead, it works better) Hey, I'm in this forum!

EDIT: The old site/forums doesn't work anymore. The new forum: Gene-Rally. Hey, I'm also in this forum!

And my videos:

A drift lap (the car was made by me)

A crash video (is a little hard to see what's happening, but anyway here it is)

(the musics were Hoobastank - Out of Control and, on the "revenge time", Nickelback - Flat on the Floor)

Tony Hawk Realistic Skating

Hey, just wanted to post something here, like, my videos from YouTube.

I like skating realistic in Tony Hawk games (because I don't have a PS3/XBOX360 to play EA Skate), though, I don't really think that grinding powerlines in TH is not fun, those Nail-the-Trick and Nail-the-Grabs can be nice (on the PS3/XBOX360 version).

Well, I already did two realistic skating videos playing THUG2 on PC.

Tony Hawk Realistic Skating

Tony Hawk Realistic *Remix*

Also, I created one realistic "trick" (actually just the landing looks a little like PS3/X360 TH landings) I remade this trick later and maybe I post the video on YouTube.

Tony Hawk Realistic Trick